Mission Statement


At Hair by Alex, we provide an excellent, friendly, and premium haircut & styling service focused on current fashion trends. Our master, professional, and highly trained hairstylist offers a variety of services and a great experience to every customer by enhancing and transforming their naturally beautiful hair into an exceptional hairstyle. Hair by Alex always focuses on giving top-class service for Haircuts for men in Boca Raton and goes beyond the client’s expectations.

To become the most favorite, leading, and premium hairstyle service provider for Haircuts for women in Boca Raton, we are here to give a graceful, stylish, and beautiful look.


 Integrity- Creativity- Exclusivity- Satisfaction

Brand Story


Our brand is created with a simple intention: offer an astounding customer experience using premium, natural, and luxury products that support the salon, stylist, and guest. 

While growing up, Alex has always been a visionary and an artistic person. He always believed in doing things responsibly, in a way that would make him stand out and add value to no matter what the task was, big or small. He is not a master stylist by chance. For ten years he has studied this industry, gained experience, and developed his vision. He recognized a need in the industry, and by combining his expertise and knowledge, the vision for Hair by Alex began. Strategically formulated and tested in-salon, Alex’s services are based on organic, luxurious, and high-performing products to fulfill everyone’s desire to receive value for what they pay for.

Alex’s purpose is not only to sell you a service, but to add a new perspective to your hair styling experiences so far. He strives to go the extra mile to provide the best possible customer experience. He takes pride in it and acknowledges it as a moral responsibility to go above and beyond for you, as he believes that his customer’s satisfaction will always bring Hair by Alex exponential growth. Therefore, he values his clients more than anything.

Alex by Hair is established with integrity, formulation, performance, education, and knowledge. Trained in Europe and receiving various awards for his creative coloring technique and style, Alex assists you in having the style you want. He is currently working on a line of premium hair care products.

Professional Hairstylists in Boca Raton Florida

About Us


Hair by Alex is known for its trendsetting vision. The standout hairstyling experience is amongst the most compelling and sought after professional hairstylists in Boca Raton, Florida. As the primary male hairstylist whose ability and business insight empowered him to offer value and luxurious experience to its customers rather than just a service, Alex is an undisputed top choice.

With an experience of ten years in this field, in the U.S, and three years in Europe, Alex offers each lady a personalized service with complimentary conditioning, which makes him unique in what he does and why he does it. A comprehensive in extravagance hair care, imbued with organic ingredients, all products tested by Alex himself guarantees an astounding, superior, attractive, natural looking hair.

Everyone who sits in his chair develops the power of unadulterated appeal. Increasingly sexy, more a la mode, and with a more radiant look than any other time in recent memory thought conceivable. Nearly everybody who strolls through the salon, looks no less than for some transformation, and Alex will make your visit worth remembering.

Why Us


We believe in value for money and make sure that we do not make any compromise on it.

FREE customized consultation for an optimum hairstyle.

Premium, special, and personalized service experience.

Alex has experience of over ten years.

Highly trained in Europe.

Specialization in hair coloring, extensions and edgy haircuts.

We offer complimentary conditioning, with Alex’s own-made organic conditioning with grape seed oil.

Does it sound like this is the best option for you?

Haircuts for Men & women in Boca Raton Florida